Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan Installation by Professionals

Fans can be underrated as a household fixture. Ceiling fans make a large difference in your energy costs. During the summertime, they can move the cold air all across the room and even negate the need for turning on the air conditioning. When it is winter, reversing the direction brings the rising hot air back down to the floor level, keeping you cozy while burning less furnace fuel. Exhaust fans are invaluable for keeping proper ventilation in bathrooms, keeping the walls and air drier, and reducing your chances for mold and mildew.

No matter what fan you’re looking to install, leave it to Service City Air & Electric! We can provide:

  • Professional Advice
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Ceiling Fan Repair
  • Ceiling Fan Upgrade
  • Installation of a Light Kit
  • Installation of Remote and Speed Controls

Indoor Ceiling Fans

With the energy-saving potential, adding ceiling fans to rooms is a good way to keep comfortable. However, you want to choose the correct fan for the room you are furnishing. Too small, and it will not have a large enough impact. Too big, and you could feel overwhelmed by even the lower settings.

Here’s a quick chart with dimensions to help you size properly:

  • Small Rooms (Up to 8’x8’) – 32” Blade span
  • Medium Rooms (Up to 12’x12’) – 42” or 44” Blade Span
  • Large Rooms (Up to 15’x15’) – 50”, 52”, 54”, or 56” Blade Span

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Outdoor fans are great for keeping your guests comfortable while entertaining in your backyard. However, not all fans are durable enough for outdoor use. When you’re speaking with our team members, be sure to specify if you want to use your fan indoors or outdoors. This way they can direct you to the correct line of fans rated for the outdoors!

For residential homes across the DFW area, we’re the local and trusted choice for ceiling fan maintenance and installation. Call Service City Air & Electric today for service you can count on at 972-362-6338.


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