Hot Tubs & Spas

Hot Tub and Spa Installation and Wiring

Hot tubs and spas are wonderful ways to unwind after hard days at work. However, the work doesn’t end after you’ve bought one. Hot tubs and spas encompass very detailed installation once you’ve gotten them home. Take the strain off your plate and call on the electricians at Service City Air & Electric. Installing hot tubs is no trouble for our team, so let us take care of all the work! Our expert electricians can handle installing the circuits and outlets, wiring, and lighting required for setting up your new spa.

From installing GFCI outlets, laying out grounded wiring, to hiding the wiring so your spa area looks pristine, our team can install and manage all the electrical components needed for you to enjoy your new hot tub and spa today. Once it’s been installed, we remain here for you for complete servicing. We can install new lighting in your current hot tub – and if your wires need to be replaced, let us be your first call. Even if you just need a light bulb on the tub itself replaced, we can handle that too!

What We Promise:

  • Upfront Pricing – Our electricians will provide you with solutions coupled with straightforward prices that are thoroughly explained so you have the information you need before you decide on service. Expect our price in writing before we begin work. No hidden fees and no surprises in the bill after service.
  • Red Carpet Promise – As soon as we enter your home, we put down mats in our work area and have protective coverings for our shoes. Afterwards, we clean up the mess we’ve made so the only evidence you have of our presence is the quality work we’ve completed.
  • Fully Stocked Vehicles – We come to your home prepared with all the parts we could need in our trucks so that we can get the job done promptly and efficiently. We understand time is money and we don’t want to waste yours, or ours, in running around for parts
Hot tubs and spas are a lot of work to set up electrically. Don’t sweat the process yourself! We can get everything set up for your new hot tub or spa and even run new wiring. To schedule your appointment, call Service City Air & Electric today at 972-362-6338!

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