Switches, Outlets, & Dimmers

Installation, Repair, and Replacement for all Electrical Outlets and Switches in the DFW Area!

There is no household item so common as your average light switch and electrical outlet. When you don’t have enough outlets, not only can it be inconvenient, it can be dangerous. If your circuit becomes overloaded, it can result in a fire. If your home is older, you may not be meeting the basic code requirements of the National Electric Code, which requires that each room has a certain amount of outlets and that all electrical circuits must be able to support all of those outlets. With Service City Air & Electric, we can make sure you’re upgraded and up to code!

GFCI Outlets

Ground fault circuit interruption, or GFCI, outlets can be easily recognized by the two buttons on them; test and reset. These outlets are safe-proofed against electrocution should the outlet, or appliance plugged in, come in contact with water. You’ll find them in bathrooms and kitchens, since these locations are common electrocution risk areas.

The test button ensures the GFCI is working; it shuts off current. Once you are finished testing, you can reset it so that the current returns. Test your GFCI outlet monthly to make sure they’re still working. They’re inexpensive and provide invaluable safety!


Setting the mood is a breeze with a dimmer. Whether you’re hosting a cozy dinner, settling in for a movie (but want to see your popcorn), or simply because your eyes are tired, having the options for any level of brightness gives you more control in your environment. 

USB Port Outlets

With modern devices on the rise, their charging capabilities change too. Many smart devices have a USB cord specific to the model that gives it the option of plugging into a computer or a power brick for regular outlets. Almost every household member plugs their phone into an outlet. Having the option of USB ports built into your outlet makes room for more than a couple devices to be charged at once, maximizing convenience! 

Service City Air & Electric is dedicated to providing you with excellent outlet services. If you want to replace your GFCI outlets, change outlets to include USB ports, upgrade wall switches with remote and smart controls; we can help you upgrade! We can repair, install, and replace dimmers for your maximum comfort. Call Service City Air & Electric at 972-362-6338 to schedule an appointment today!

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