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Wiring and Rewiring Service with Service City Air & Electric

Keep your wiring updated! General rule: the older the home, the more likely it needs to be rewired. Are your circuit breakers tripping on a regular basis or the fuses blowing out all the time? On top of the wires themselves, your electrical panel may not be suited to provide enough of the power that an average modern household requires and may need to be updated. The electricians at Service City Air & Electric have handled countless wiring jobs, from small wiring connections from one room to another to entire home rewires. With experience under their belts, you can trust our electric experts to complete the job promptly and safely.

What is a House Rewire?

Simply put, the old wiring is removed while the new wiring is installed. The extent of replacement depends on the household. There may only be need for a partial rewiring as some or most of the wiring is safe enough to be salvaged. However, sometimes your home must go through a full update with not only the wiring but the electrical panel as well, since it is the heart of your household’s electricity. 

When to Rewire a Home

Age is a telling factor in determining if your home needs rewiring. If a home’s wiring is older than 1950, it’s very likely the home is using outdated wiring that is ungrounded and outdated and made of unsafe materials, like aluminum wiring and cloth insulation. Cloth insulation was not a future-proofed solution, so by this decade it has often weakened to the point of crumbling, leaving exposed wiring. Exposed wires are dangerous and can result in everything from sparking and causing shock to starting fires. 

Aside from age, your house still may not have sufficient power. If you don’t have enough outlets and switches, you may also be out of code. And when extension cords go from a temporary solution to constant usage – in an effort to bypass nonfunctional outlets – it’s time for new or additional electrical circuits.

Don’t guess if your home’s electrical system is safe and don’t wait if you don’t have the power, outlets, or switches you need in your home. Our professional electricians are licensed and ready to help you. Call Service City Air & Electric today at 972-362-6338! 

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