Zoned Air Systems

Individual Room Control for Your Whole Home

No matter how well your home layout is designed, there always seems to be a room or two that is warmer or colder than the rest. This is especially true with multi-story homes, where heat rises to the second floor while the basement is freezing. Other common culprits are rooms with high ceilings and sunrooms. Employing a zoned air system can bridge this temperature gap.

The way zoned air systems work is simple: dampers are installed along the ductwork of your current HVAC system. Multiple thermostats are installed in the rooms you desire. All thermostats link back to a control panel that operates the dampers.

Check out the full list of perks below to see if zoned air systems may be what you are looking for.

Benefits of Zoned Air Systems:

Precise Control: Room to room, you are in control of the temperature – and precisely where you want it. Turn one room’s thermostat down when you leave to save energy, and turn the next thermostat on to resume comfort throughout your home the whole day.

Total Comfort: With a thermostat in the room you’re in, you get the most accurate readings and a timely response from your HVAC unit to rectify if it’s too hot or cold. You get quick results and perfect temperature.

Energy Efficiency: You no longer have to air condition your entire home when you want to be comfortable. When you customize zoning to only heat or cool rooms you frequently use, you will cut your energy usage by 30 percent or more.

Longer Life: Traditional HVAC pathways have to use lots of energy circulating air through the whole home. Zoning systems go through less wear and therefore will last longer!

With individual room control, you can either unify the temperature of your household or also set a different temperature from the rest of your house.

Whether for energy savings or precise control, a zoned air system may be the comfort control you’ve been looking for in your home! Service City Air & Electric can help you find the best zoning system for your home and our trusty technicians have the know-how and tools to help you get started! For quality service and upfront pricing on your new zoning system, call Service City Air & Electric today at 972-362-6338!

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